Hydra Winter Cold Flow Fuel Additive

Hydra Winter Cold Flow Fuel Additive
 Hydra Winter Cold Flow Fuel AdditiveHydra Winter Cold Flow Fuel Additive 

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Brand:  Hydra

  • Improves operability range at low temperatures.
  • Reduces pour point up to 22°C (40°F).
  • Reduces wax formation up to 10°C (18°F).
  • Reduces CFPP (cold filter plugging point).

pdf Datasheet (Hydra Winter Cold Flow) - Click here

Dosage Rate: 1,000ppm (1:1000) can be increased to 2,000ppm (1:500) to give enhanced protection.

With reduced temperatures diesel and MGO fuels goes cloudy and starts to gel and form large paraffin wax crystals these cause blockages in the fuel supply lines and filter systems.

Winter Cold Flow Fuel Additive inhibits and modifies wax crystal growth, vastly reducing crystal size ensuring they are small enough to pass through injectors and filter systems.

Can be used with Bio-Diesel up to B20 (20% bio content).

By avoiding fuel gelling and filter clogging Winter Cold Flow Fuel Additive improves the cold flow properties of diesel and distillate fuels. It reduces pour point by as much as 22°C and cold filter plug point by up to 10°C. Response will vary depending on fuel composition and pre-treatment.

Reduces Cold Filter Plugging Point according to EN116 / IP309 and pour point according to IP15 / ISO3016.

Blends perfectly with diesel fuel up to 5°C  above cloud point.

Winter Cold Flow Fuel Additive is compatible with Hydra FuelPlus Biocide.

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