Hydra Marine Power Blast
 Hydra Marine Power BlastHydra Marine Power Blast 

Hydra Marine Power Blast



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Brand:  Hydra

  • For all diesel boat heaters and evaporating burners i.e. Webasto /  Eberspächer etc.
  • Contains heavy duty detergents, cleans burner nozzles and injectors.
  • Removes accumulated soot deposits from boat burners, solubilises sludge in tanks, suitable for use in engines and generators.
  • By improving combustion, it reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%.
  • 100ml treats up to 500 Litres

pdf Datasheet (Hydra Marine Power Blast) - Click here


1st Treatment:
Dilution rate: 1:2500 i.e. 100ml treats 250 litres of diesel / red diesel fuel.

Subsequent Treatments:
Dilution rate: 1:5000 i.e. 100 ml of treats 500 litres of heating oil. Treat oil tanks every time they are topped up.

The problem with diesel and red diesel fuel used in boats, is the quality and age of fuel this depends on your fuel source, often this fuel is old before you buy it.  Now you’ve refilled your tank, this fuel often remains in your fuel tank for extended periods before being used.  As many of us are aware new fuel from the refinery starts to degrade after only 4 weeks (in a car it is normally used within a week or two). This aging fuel can lead to long term problems and inefficiencies.

A common problem found when using poor quality fuel in evaporating burners, such as Webasto, Eberspächer etc., is soot building up on the burners which then effects their efficiency. It is not unknown for them to soot-up every 4-6 weeks.


Hydra Marine Power Blast contains heavy duty detergents prevents the formation of and removes existing deposits from burners and injectors and heat exchangers. In the fuel tank it also safely dissolves years of corrosive sludge back into the fuel where it's burned away. While creating a protective barrier to stop the sludge gunk from coming back! Suitable for use in engines and generators.


All our products are manufactured to the highest international specifications at our UK plant.

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Ques : I have read an article in Canal Boating Times about your Marine Power Blast. My boat has a Webasto Heater, drawing its fuel from the same tank astheengine. It is fitted with a Fuel Guard Filter and polisher. Is your product suitable for use in these circumstances?

Ans: Yes it is.

Ques : I'm just wanting to know if it's okay to use hydra marine power blast with an fuel additive ie fuel set, together in a narrow boat fuel tank ?

Ans: It will be OK to use with Fuelset in your bulk diesel tanks.