Gasoila Water Finding Paste

Gasoila Water Finding Paste



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  • Colour changes from mustard to distinct red or pink to show presence of water.
  • Gasoila Water Finding Paste is developed by a leading business house specializing in oil storage products.
  • A must have product for regular maintenance of diesel tanks, fuel storage tanks, heating oil tanks
  • Distinct colour changes of the product makes it easier to identify dissolved water in fuel/ oil storage tanks

Features & Advantages

  • Gives instant indication for the presence of water in bio fuels, hydrocarbon products including gasoline, petrol, diesel, oil, kerosene and other fuels.
  • A low cost method for an easy, quick and accurate detection of diesel bug in fuel tanks of boats. Helps boat owners to prevent expensive damages to the engine
  • Easy to use, just apply a thin layer of the Gasoila Water Finding Paste on a dip stick and dip in the tank for 10 seconds. Observe paste colour within 5 seconds after removal from tank
  • Delivered product includes instructions sheet with clear pictures for quick reference to possible colour changes.
  • Improved product formula with better consistency and clearly visible colour change.
  • User friendly packaging with plastic tube and flip cap.

The Problem

Air pockets in fuel tanks give way to condensation as the surrounding temperature falls. Fuel warms up with the heat of the engine and at the end of the day residual fuel, which is a still warm cool down, allowing condensation inside the tank. This leads to gradual accumulation of water at the bottom of the tank. The water supports microbial growth that eats away the fuel and harm engines. If this condition goes unchecked vehicle owners may experience frequently blocked filters, increase in fuel consumption, difficulty in starting engines and sudden stoppage of engine along with hoards of other problems.

Fuel storage tanks too run the risk of developing contaminants which deteriorate the quality of the stored oil, hydrocarbons products, bio fuels, Kerosene, crude oil, gas oil, diesel etc. Water is the biggest contaminant in fuel tanks that not only rusts the tank lining but also promotes the growth the fungi, algae and microorganisms. Water, apart from rusting the tank lining, help microbes, algae and fungi to grow that produce sludge at the bottom of the tanks. Accumulated sludge reduces the capacity of the tanks to hold fuel. Contaminated fuel may cause irreversible damage to the storage tank. Fuel may be contaminated already even before it is transferred to the storage tanks. Therefore it is necessary to keep a regular and stringent quality check of the stored oil and fuels..

The Solution

Gasoila offers simple, quick yet accurate method of testing water contamination in oils, hydrocarbon products, bio fuels, kerosene, hydrochloric acids, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, ammonia, soap solutions and other chloride solutions. This easy to use Water Finding Paste helps boat owners, oil transportation vehicle owners and storage tank companies take necessary measures if presence of water is detected in the fuel. A thin layer of Gasoila Water Indicating Paste is applied on the dip stick, dipping tape or water finding rule and immersed in water. Change in colour from mustard yellow to red or pink indicates presence of water. The product does not wash away when dipped in the fuel. New improved formula of Gasoila Water Finding Paste gives better consistency to the paste for easy application on the dip stick. Reference colour pictures are provided in the instructions accompanying every shipped product indicating possible percentage of water presence in the tested fuel. Gasolina is packed in plastic tubes for easy usage and avoiding spillage as against metal tubes which may be messier to use.

How To use

Wipe and dry the dip stick clean using a cotton rag. It is important to remove any residual product and water on the dip stick from the previous dipping test. Apply Gasolina All Purpose water finding paste to form a thin but opaque layer on the dip stick starting from the bottom and extending several inches above depending upon the depth of the fuel in the tank. Keep the Gasolina layered dip stick immersed in the fuel for ten seconds only, dipping for longer duration may give false results. Remove the stick and examine the paste for colour changes within 5 seconds, interpret the result accordingly. Presence of water contamination is indicated by change in colour of the paste from mustard yellow to red or pink..

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