Hydra 2-EHN Fuel Cetane Booster (Ideal for Bio-Diesel)

Hydra 2-EHN Fuel Cetane Booster (Ideal for Bio-Diesel)

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  • Boosts Cetane Numbers in Diesel & MGO Especially Bio Diesel.
  • Improves performance, economy also increases Cetane up to 8 points.
  • Improves cold start and reduces diesel engine knock.
  • Ideal Cetane booster for bio-diesel producer.

Bio diesel fuel made from natural oils and fats has a much lower cetane number than diesel made from hydrocarbon sources.

Diesel engines require a minimum cetane number to run correctly. In Europe diesel fuel is manufactured to a European Union specification i.e. EU 590, fuel meeting this specification has a minimum cetane number of 51 and premium diesel fuel can have a cetane number as high as 60.

Therefore, if you are making diesel fuel from a natural source it is necessary to add a cetane booster such as Hydra 2-EHN Cetane Booster to your fuel, 2-EHN is the standard cetane booster, approved by all governments and used worldwide.

Hydra Fuel Cetane Booster delivers an increase in Cetane number to your Diesel and MGO fuel. It will increase cetane number by up to 8 points depending on quality of fuel being treated.

Hydra Cetane Booster provides an economic route to meeting quality specifications and a platform for creating premium fuels. Diesel bug treatment improves fuel combustion by reducing the ignition delay period resulting in:  easier cold starting, reduction in white smoke, harmful emission reduction and reduced noise from engine. Better fuel combustion means improved fuel economy.


Add to fuel tank then top up with new fuel. Fuel tanks being treated should be at least 10% full.  Usual dose at 1:1,000 to 1:500 depending on quality of fuel and performance increase required.

Dose Rate - 1:1000

Add 50ml Hydra Cetane Booster to 50 litres of fuel.

Dose Rate - 1:500

Add 100ml Hydra Cetane Booster to 50 litres of fuel.

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Hydra Fuel Cetane Booster (Ideal for Bio-Diesel)

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